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Thursday, July 23, 2009


She looked at the building across the road. That was where he worked.
She crossed the road and looked up at the building.
It might be hard getting in, but she had to.
Munching on an energy bar she rode to the reception.
A warm smile greeted the beautiful killer.
7th floor, Mr. Diper - she said
She fumbled to show her identity.
A loss in confidence almost turned her in.
But she held on by the sheer ignorance of the receptionist before her.
She entered the huge corridor where the past time had once flown through.
Giants of another age had arisen and fallen there.
It was a cruel place this.
Large painting adorned the walls concealing the technology behind.
The brain of the building was held tight.
And only a few has seen the awe underneath.
She knew what the building was saying to her.
She was not welcome there.
She felt it and she halted to turn back quite a few times.
But it was a simple choice of black and white.
And she knew she had to pull through.

She entered the elevator where the greed of humanity breathed down her blouse.
All men are the same.
The men who are not, are not.
She remembers punching two of them in her head.
The thought of that made her smile.
The men around, thought that she was proud of her beauty and the fact that so many men liked her.
She got off on the 10th floor and made her way down the staircase.
She does not remember why she did such a queer move.
Nonetheless, the destination was within sight.

She knocked on the door and did not wait for an answer.
She wanted him to be looking at her when she shot her.
The door was flung open and 2 shots were heard.
A man yelled and a woman fainted.
Somebody rang the alarm and people became animals.

She remembered him chewing gum with his mouth open.
She remembered him shuffling across to appear cool.
She remembers him and his futile ambitions.
How he sat on his bed and dreamt of the day when he would be proud.
How he exuded with confidence at the passersby.
How he flashed his expensive watch every time he entered a place he was partially known.
She remembers him gazing at the moon and feeling insignificant.
He cheated on her.
So she killed him.
That is what she said to the police.
Right before she was shot.
That is how the story ended for one Ms. Ss

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