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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Compilation of thoughts

Regrets abound and cast their shadow on the daily functions.
they shall not remain for I shall kill them.
Memory is mine, and mine to destroy.
Is it very difficult?
I believe not.
Where do you wander O kind insanity?
For all I ever wanted was forgiveness.
There is only so much that I can hold on to.
Do I wish you to be mine?
I believe not,
Because - somewhere, I really hate you.
Is it of consequence? Any of this...
So she sat there and she wept as people looked at her.
She cared not for what they thought of her.
But she cared for the absence of anyone there.
Nobody to look upto.
All of them seemed so naive, that it was utterly disgusting.
When I walked with that man I thought that that was all that I ever wanted.
Does this make any sense to you O crazy soul?
I believe not.

The music flows through me,
And it partially transforms me.
Do I be anybody else?
I believe not.
Do I emulate certain personas?
I find no sense in that...
Am I lying?
May be.
Do I make sense?
Guess not.
All that I know is that the eagle looks nice as it laughs at the people below.
And the man looks nice as he stares at the eagle above.
Anything in between?

The flight of the bird - and the eyes that sat upon it.
All regretted.
All worshiped.
All hoped for.
For may be one day everything shall make sense.
May be

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