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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Love Story by the Rocks

I stand here waiting.
The waves thunder.
And my cards are to my chest.
We see eye to eye.
And she blinks first.
There was no way out I said to myself.
There is no way in she said to herself.
The quarrel had begun.
The waves grew louder.
The land around us disappeared.
The water conquered most.
I sat down.
The cards were to my chest.
She stood there and turned her back to me.
She stared at the dark sky.
With the roaring silence.
I could have heard some mumbling for sure.
But I was not sure.
She looked up now at the ray of light.
Trying to come through the dark clouds.
Then a thought occurred to me.
I should be scared.
But I was not.
Could I be in love?
Bah - what is love?
All I knew was that I was comfortable.
As I had always been.
Even during these times when we fought.
I know how she looks when she cries.
It is not a pleasant sight.
But somethings cannot be overcome.
I was comfortable.
And that was all that I understood.

I stood up.
And said nothing.
I embraced her.
And she laughed.
"Took you so long what you foolish child?"
I shook her.
And she felt scared.
We sat down and looked at that ray of light.

I was playing blind you see.
The cards were to my chest.
I waited for her to look away.
I looked at my cards.
They spelt her name.

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