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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The man on the grass

As he lay on the grass, staring at the white sky above, he thought to himself.
He thought, or rather, he spoke of all the things gone by.
He spoke because he thought that thoughts never stick around for long.
And when his thoughts can hear the words as thought spoken by another entity, they may register in a better way.
He thought of the laws before him and how he had no intention of following tread paths.
He thought of the wilderness beyond, and how scary it seemed.
He then thought of the Beatles who had once said something about living being easy with eyes closed.
With that thought, he closed his eyes, but not his mouth.
Nothing ought to have changed, correct?
Thing is, and this is my hypothesis, the energy and the attention that he spent on seeing and analysing the useless sky were now diverted to a more useful function.
He remembered a religious text where it was implied, 'Go on and do what you must, chill on and live on; it ain't all that difficult dog!'
With that, he laughed out loud.
The laughter angered his head because, well, the head was focused on something so serious, when there was no reason for something as mundane as laughter.
So he decided to focus again, and he realised.
Good is never as good as much as bad is bad.
Which is why he will never be happy.
For only sometime back, something dreaded had been discarded FOREVER, but he gave such less thought to it now, that he didn't even relish it.
It's kinda sad, but such is the way of the present.
It is never as great as a present.
Coming back to this moron.
As he laid on the grass, an ant started crawling up his arm.
He felt it, but his eyes were shut remember?
So about the ant...
The ant too was talking loudly you see, but in a rather melodious way.
"O I like this hill,
The hill it makes me sway
To and fro!
Up I go
Battling my troubles away!!!
Soon I shall see the end.
When all shall fade n wear away.
That is when I descend.
Into another beautiful day!!!"

The guy, thought, an ant can sing, and I can not stop thinking.
Kind of insane.
So let me shut away my thoughts.
And think of a beautiful tomorrow,
Howmuchever absurd it may be.
But let me dream
Because well, I am an ant myself.

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