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Thursday, October 29, 2009

One foul moment

Sadness prevails and may always prevail.
I grow tired and I stare away. Fear looms and darkness grows. I am trying to get through but something is amiss and something is incorrect.
I will try to will myself through but success is not certain.
It never has been and never is.

You are supposed to dance in a circle and hail to the invisible man.
Grow afraid each day for there is something to lose and something to not attain.

I see them holding hands and I see them jumping.
There is no reason why they do this, but at their age, may be it is all that really matters.

The wind strikes the trees naked and the water accumulates at each opportunity.
People write and people eat.
This is all that I care for.

How d'you like 'em apples?
All that is required and all that is appreciated is a number.
A standing and that is what distinguishes.
But what if it all goes away?

In one foul moment - all (of) it is taken away.
And we lie naked there knowing the potential that is lost and the anger swelling within.
We want no explanations and we stay away from confrontations.
There are people out there, ever trying to be something outstanding.
To be someone of importance and to create a niche.
The problem is 'trying'.
The problem is 'studying'.

It makes me think at times, whether anything really matters.
I believe that over the long haul nothing matters.
I believe that I write insane stuff.

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