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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beaver Story

He looked around the forest at the creatures crawling.
They made an impression on him - almost each one.
He went to get wood, but found out that he could not purchase it.
So he decided to create a wood founding factory where he nibbled at the woods till the wood shone through.
He had created wood and was happy.
But he now had people working with him.
He felt lonely at night.
But one day a flying beaver came to his creek.
He was smitten and he took her for his.
He wanted to grow the wood founding factory but to what effect?
She made him understand that beyond a point, all the wood in the world is just worthless.
However, what is important is that he has gained his independence.
He need not depend on other wood cutters to make wood for him.
He said OK.
Now he drives around in his flintstonesque contraption, wading through the muddy forest.
He is old now.
He sits in his house made of his factory's wood.
He sits with the flying beaver.
He orders some rodenty food.
And he says to himself.

This is all I ever wanted - I was such a nut till this flying beaver came along.

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