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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I should be mutilated, cut open, my body parts chopped up, my brain squished in a grinder.
The ground brain should then be put next to my heart so that it blends with it.
The ground brain would then flow through my body to all parts.
Enough about the brain.
The entire idea is that I need to be put through pain.
Whenever my head hurts, what ought to be done is - slit the vein/artery running across my forehead, so the pressure is reduced and the throbbing stops.
Another idea that came to me was for my nails to be removed entirely.
Furthermore, a guy would always be pretty queasy about his private parts.

I am sick and I am sick and I am sick and I am sick of this environment.
I want out.
I want my legs in my hands because they do not belong there.
This world infuriates me and I believe that there is no spoon.
O ! I just slit my throat.
Felt good.

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