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Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Moment

There is a choice that we have.
Smile now, or plan for a huge smile in the future.

We decide so eagerly that yes!

This is what I want.

And this is where I want to be!

And this is therefore, what I shall do.

e long, you are a senior citizen who has enjoyed his weekends.
But that is only one seventh of your life.

I believe; this is what is called

You believe that this is it.

But the 'it' is always beyond arms reach.

We keep running behind it.

And then occasionally;

Just like me right now;

We smile.

And everything melts away.

It is so fulfilling and brilliant.

Then somewhere, you realise;


I am still 21 years old.
What about the future???

Right back where I started from?

We dont want to be useless and laze around throughout the day.

We dont want to work for something we dont like.

We dont want constraints.

We dont want to wake up in the morning.

We dont want to sleep in either.

We dont want to earn less.

We dont want to spend more.


And the society that we have created is the biggest lab experiment that shall ever exist.
It is a gold mine.
It is the matrix.

There shall never be a perfect being.

Or a perfect life.

Perfection will be rejected.
We shall continue to pass time till we cease to exist.

Till our brain ceases to function.

As soon as that happens
We become perfect.

Exactly the same time that we are rejected.



and the
pursuit of Happyness.

I wish you all an ignorant future.


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