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Sunday, May 11, 2008


Sometimes, it really feels that ignorance is complete bliss.
It was an alien concept a year ago;
But this bliss, I believe; is only good in the short run.

After a while, it gets to you.
You don't want to be ignorant.
You want to care, create, risk, build an ego.

It might hit you now,
Or when you are about to die.

Happy people are those who create this ego; and are satisfied.
Or those who are completely ignorant and concentrate on the present.

It is crazy how visionaries are sadder than ignorant people.
How they are always lost, when compared with the ignorant kind.
These weird buggers somehow enjoy the question marks before them.

Although they appear sad.
And they are sad.
They enjoy the pursuit.

John Mayer said it nicely in his song.
Something's missing; And I don't know what it is!

It's a weird circle whose circumference blends into another.

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