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Thursday, May 1, 2008

It Starts ?

So I started off at office - n 2 months over now. Pretty cool. Life is shaping.
Hopefully I get to fly.
Learning a lot - Is this what I want to learn though?
Have an ever growing interest in Finance - the Bond Mkt. n Interest rates.
Its a whole diff world out there.
Getting really anxious - restless - don't know how to push myself
Do I want to push myself?

Want to focus
The end is visible
But is that picture an illusion?
Are the means a farce?
If the end turns out to be irrelevant will I laugh at myself?

And if the end is achieved will I really be happy?
What if I love the end & also love the means?
Which one will be more important?

I believe you have to decide right now.
You say you want to get off the block fast;
But what if the foundation determines future speed?
What if you spend all your time on the foundation?
Or what if the A.C. is better than the natural cold up there?
Do you really want to ride a Goliath in the future?
Or would you much rather enjoy this stupid yacht?

Fly away baby ! Fly Away !
No chains! No holds barred!

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