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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Useless Conversations

Just noticed recently; how useless some conversations are ! lols
Well, actually all talks are completely inconsequential - but let's not go there :P

It is highly amusing when you listen to a bunch of people talking about absolutely nothing.
Reminds me of Seinfeld.
Then again, being a part of some of these useless conversations can really make one happy; or lifted out of boredom.. It is absolutely amazing !

For example : blogging makes you feel that you are doing something worthwhile, or checking your mails, or calling up people to have a chat.
But how amazingly & utterly useless it is.
But it gives you a feeling of being worthwhile. Makes you pass those miserable stupid useless moments.

Just how baseless & stupid is this current blog.
But it makes me feel that : "Yeah ! I am Blogging baby! "

On that note . . . I just realised - I feel like watching some good TV
Most probably I will be surfing channels & then cry that nothing good is coming on TV ya :-(

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