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Thursday, February 11, 2010


With my back against the coconut shell I stared at the sky
Waiting for the water to drop down on me
A gentle breeze and my feet in the water
Saw some fish around me and I made a gurgling sound
Whistling at the air and thinking of space
Was away from them as they ate each other raw
Was away from touch and that is just unfathomable
The roar of the water turned loud
As I neared a fall
I panicked at first and then let go
As I fell that deep length
And now I fly
Alone and in my space
Staring at the stars as I had always dreamed
Looking at the beings in disgust
And watching over the ones who used to be dear.


Megha said...

Heya...thanks for dropping by faceyourdestiny and complimenting the 'righting'..hahaa..sorry..just couldn't avoid that! Nice, pink blog you've got here..

tirath said...