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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Vanity has been hollowed and for good reason,
I will not accept pride and fiefdom.
See how wretched we get with age
As it gnaws at our exterior
There is nothing to cling onto
Except for the various chemicals that keep us new
For the soul rots from within
And the soul is seen by the ones who were close
Take a look at yourself darling
There is nothing that you can wake yourself up to
There is a constant burden at your heart
And the peace is long gone.

Turn back to how things once were
As only a few years ago
When your eyes were big
And you were naive
When you were small and you looked up
With your small frame and your absent mind
Thoughts ran through your head
And words never came out
You were cheated by a few
And you were alone
This was before you were proud.

Remind yourself that you have lost things now
And that you will find things soon
You will find a way
And a place in this world
And some day soon...
You will sleep at peace again
Hoping that it is not disturbed.

But remember this my darling
You will always be disturbed
Because you are wretched at heart
And the vile will find a way out.
Remember then, as I ask you now
To look at that picture from many years ago
When you stepped out alone
And knew that you were alone.

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