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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


We believe that we shall remain forever
And we also hope that we see each other from a short distance
And almost as if we cannot separate our identities
We hope for utopia
We paint our pictures together
But we smile because we know that it will all melt away
The present is not meant to be relished
Only the future will provide us ecstasy
I assure you that I will not share you with any other entity
You will be pure
You will be a naked beauty shielded in an exterior
An exterior, visible to outsiders
There will come a time;
When we see the stars in the night sky
Brighter than we ever imagined
Believe me my love - that is the end
It will be a majestic end
An emotional end
A proud end
And an enigmatic beginning
Hope to see you then - as radiant as you are now
As proud as you are now
I hope to see you till my last breath

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shaanebhai said...

i just love simply adore these new ones.. y are u not here dude..