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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Saw a little picture

Yellow and white lights inside massive elegant buildings
30th Floor - and a man looks out
He is done for the day
It was tiresome
For some reason - he keeps staring at those lights
The last rays of the sun can be seen on the horizon
He rests himself on his chair while standing
He leans on the back rest of his chair while standing
He remembers - he has not blinked for a while now
He shuts his eyes
He can still see the lights
He opens his eyes
Looks down
Looks up
Unfocusses his eyes
Takes his suit and decides to drive home
Muscles are tired - so is his head
But he sticks to his decision
He drives home - longs to see his front porch - with beautiful yellow lights
Longs to ring the bell - and see his wife
Longs to sleep peacefully

He reaches home
Sees the dim yellow lights
His wife opens the door
He lets himself in
Sits for dinner with her
Prepares for bed
And goes off to sleep

He remembers the most beautiful thing
He has to undergo the process of dying again tomorrow
He longs for it.
He falls asleep

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