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Sunday, August 24, 2008


These humans quarrel over a bunch of people kicking a ball within a certain time limit siding one group or the other
These humans look at the same person with makeup on; and with a bloody face - differently.
These humans are unconscious during sleep.
They work sometimes; unhappily or, unknowingly.
They strive for something; but are in fact, aimless.
And as good as birds trying to fly into the sea against the wind.
These humans always try and look different.
They wear things they don't need - to cover their body.
They create 'relations'; 'reasons'; 'emotions'.
They laugh on the most crazy things.
They complain and cry over worthless things.
They strive for a useless future - where they eventually die and therefore render life, useless.
But they still coexist.
They are still not extinct.
I wonder why.

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