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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Penning thoughts

Writing a story today with this pen I hold
The music helps me out
Melodies and harmonies
How amusing they are!!
For they can lift an idle mind's soul
He said to me that there was nowhere but disaster
I nodded along
I cared not to believe as much
Well, it's his wish I say
And what will be will be
For now, I have to write a short story
About my mind and the peace it longs for
Won't be long before I will realise if I fit in
Let's just say that I long for my home
There are no sexual desires
There are no burning ambitions
There is, however, a want for adventure
I aim to entertain myself with these experiments
A playground, I call it at times
Sometimes I succumb to it
And I hold my head and cry out some tears
For life is perplexing
And an occasional smile makes me smile
I now walk
Or am I standing still?
Time will tell

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