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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Breathe, Read and Shut Your Eyes

When will our miseries end?
When shall we smile once again?
Look up at the sky and see the clouds
And the skies in their vastness
And not think once
Not once of why 'tis so...
We are doomed in our pursuits;
We fail to live
And smile with the children;
For we are slaves
Till we reach our end,
'Tis then that we will smile
And look at the days that went by...
When we believed in love
And the simplicity of the sky
And the feel of warmth
Of a silent mind.

And how we let it go by...

How would you have reacted if this poem had been written by a well known poet?
And would you have read it differently?

1 comment:

Rohan Sura said...

Wouldnt have read it differently I suppose. But I cant predict a reaction to such a hypothetical situation. Nonetheless, this poem could very well have been written by a well known poet, sir. Its quite true, what you say. At times we wish we wouldnt be swayed, by anything but our true self. Takes courage, and knowledge, I believe.