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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A night at the Pub

A man in a suit sat alone at this nice pub; he ordered a pint of guinness beer and a tray of salted peanuts. He looked angry and bottled, or may be that's what I say, which of course is the same thing. Once in a while, he would glance around at the people around him. I saw envy in his eyes as most people sat in couples and most of them were smiling, but there he was; alone and miserable.
A woman sat by him. Now, she's not a person I would have ever spoken to, but may be this man's desperation led him to speak to this 'lady'. She wore a short dress and more than the requisite make-up; clearly she was a hooker or a prostitute. I saw them talking and I wanted to make sure that I was not seen spying on them.
You see, I had been hired by the guy's wife as a detective. In my profession, I have seen too many guys with too many chicks, fucking. It astonishes me, the extent to which a guy can go just to take care of his johnny. Me? I am a simple guy. I don't have anyone, nor will I ever have anyone; I'm not interested in fuckin' around and I can wait till whenever, I'm in no hurry. Coming back to this particular night:
I saw the 2 of them smile after a while; the guy's smile had a hint of mischief in it and the girl's smile was all about getting paid for the night. Let's face it... life is tough, and sometimes, people do what they believe they should do. The bill, the card, the bill, the signature and some loose change. They walk out, followed by another gentleman - that would be me.
There is something exciting about following a couple of people who are going to do what these two were about to do; may be I would see them in action, may be I would refrain from it. My orders, or rather, requests, were that I tell my client all the details of the night, down to the brand of the condom, if there indeed was a condom.
I follow them to a house; clearly the man was single, for the house seemed a mess. Off came the clothes in as mechanical a way as the skin of a potato. The woman did have a fine body and I was more than happy to see her naked beauty; must say that she looked better without clothes than with clothes. Now, people assume this to be true for most cases, but let me tell you, a woman looks best with her clothes on - always. This particular woman looked good without her clothes simply because of the way she had adorned herself prior to her attire coming off. I heard her scream and decided to call it quits; I dialed my client and proceeded to tell her the details.
She was panting and I could here an echo from inside the house, "We're alright, thank you!"

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