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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Excruciating pain fills my arms as the music pours through my ears. I feel my brain go numb with all the random sounds. My eyes lose focus and I am unable to stand up. Clipping my big toe off of my right foot and hanging by a noose around my waist I look at the world. You did this to me, you sick, wicked whore! There is no escaping the punishment that awaits you. No, I don't believe in karmic forces - it's just something that will happen to you, you ratfuck! There were blonde streaks as you tried to adapt but I remember filling up your room with water and unleashing electricity through it. Everything torched when I added some crude oil and I smoked my last cigarette. There is no escaping my pain as I feel my nose being ripped off and I feel my legs being torn away. Blood flowing down my body and cries of pain muffled the air around me. There is no escape. I am a whore who needs to be disposed of and I will leave this place one day.

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