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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Eternal Darkness of the Spotted Mind

Behold the rainbow next to the moon.
Its a dark night that I see through the hole in my wall.
I am sitting on rocks that are surprisingly hard.
Was relishing the mud on my head when the horrendous sight took me away.
The rainbow was made of 4096 colours.
I counted them all and took a deep sigh of relief.
They were all present.
None of them gobbled up.

I rest my head on the pile of worms.
One wanted to enter my mouth.
It looked innocent so I let it in.
Behold the night I said to Tir.
Behold the night in all its bright glory.
See how the ghosts awake and the living go to sleep.
I saw a bat latched on to a pipe running through the height of the building opposite me.
It sucked the very water out
Till it blew up like a balloon and finally popped.

The water fell on the parasitic plants below.
One of them at my feet.
That one is actually a friend of mine.
I dont know how, but one day we just clicked.

The 7 legged saber tooth tiger galloped across the field of locusts and ate the water from within the plants.

I jumped from my window or rather, the hole in my wall onto the beast's back.

I rode with him into the sunrise.
I fell away.
I fell onto soft sand
And I broke some bones because the sand was too nice to me.
I started walking on my hands and the blood rushed to my face.
My hair became red and my feet became pale.

The painter approached me with his palette and showered me with bursts of colour.
Behold the freak - behold what this animal looks like.

I snapped at him and broke his toe.
It was juicy because it flowed with freedom.
I felt nourished again.
I felt the energy rushing back into me - I jumped to the moon and danced.
I danced till the moon was flat.

The moon was flat - The night was dark - The water was pale.
I sat alone.
Like the phoenix - dull and bright

I sat alone.
With my back to the wall.
Looking through the hole in my wall.
Looking at the same bat.
But the night was different.
The night was loud.
It cheered for me.