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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I saw you the other day and we were laughing away.
We spoke of some nonsense and poked fun at random things.
I forgot about my present torture and you forgot about what lay ahead.
We smiled at each other.
I thought I knew what was on your mind.
You never wanted this to end.
The same uncontrollable laughter;
The same comfort of a pillow;
The same reliance.
You wanted to say that you love me and I heard it without you saying it.
I know how you feel - and I know this friendship is special.
A person reading this might feel that I am talking about my companion or spouse.
But that is not true.
I am talking about my friend;
Who I hold very dear to my heart.
Does friendship come with an expiry date?
My answer is yes - may be when you die or in most cases, sooner.
The expiry just means a change in one's relationship.
The same bond no longer exists and the same comfort disappears.
The society commands such change in behaviour.
Society demands loyalty more towards your home than to 'outsiders'.
It is a sad rule but universally followed.
You will have a home to go to and may be I will have a home to go to.
It will become difficult to stay in touch but I hope we try.
I will miss you my dear friend but I am going to cherish each present moment with you because I love you.

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