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Saturday, June 21, 2008


I am posting this from HK - Beautiful place. People are peaceful, smiling, they look the same ;)

And of course they have their individual sorrows inside.

My point being, that my experience here shall be held for a lifetime - I was sitting at a table; a girl was eating - after she was done - she took some tissues and wiped the table clean.

That is the difference. The difference that will always portray what creates success.

I shall stand up for myself. I will do this differently. I do this - So I create a difference.

My bus met with an accident yesterday - no fighting; no quarelling; they just called the police - and our police detained our driver.

Were people in the bus panicky? No.

You see the lights - the fashion brands - their lifestyle. It is a goal for al countries. You want to be so financially independent that people beg to come - people look forward to come - people smile to work - people smile at work - people eat well. They cry of course - but you can see the calm on thier faces. It is a dream. But a developing country; is aspirational - they look forward to something.

They look forward to tomorrow.

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