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Sunday, September 23, 2007


Upar kya hai?
I picked up a book recently.. n i am so happy it helped me understand my purpose
It is a word - Egosim
Anthem - by Ayn Rand - thank u missy

Life is rocking though.. work life is shaping up, responsibilities. Ashish my 'mentor' is leaving Edelweiss . . so Vishal n me r going to handle the int arb book. Talk bout a responsibility eh?

Lots of questions need answering though - Life is passing by too slowly n too quickly at the same time.
Loads of restlessness - A need for creation !! Egoism zindabaad

Bought an mp3 player recently.. - - - with my money ! my salary !!
lovely feeling

It is a completely rocking phase... love rollercoasters

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