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Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Home

See my hand
It finds your flow
I could not care
For the people below
Your smile makes me think
Of a day not too long ago
When the wind blew cold
As I lay by the shore
Of a sleepy old village
Where I felt alone
Sipping on my water
And felt a chill in my bone
Was a long time ago that
When the time was well
When I felt nothing lacking
'cept a grind in my shell
'tis a story so often said
Of a man who found his lady
But nothing can take away from me
The scent of being so free
As you tighten your grip
And fall into your smile
And I let go
To leave you for a while
I look back at your figure
At rest after a day so long
I feel you from afar
And think of this song

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