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Monday, December 24, 2012


A shade on her skin was drawn over her well worn face
Her eyes glistened in the sun which was above me

He spit a spit while blathering across the table
While she sat humbled by his intelligence

Her soft skin made him long for a touch
His bristles rubbed against her supple exterior

Come hither into my realm
Where everything is by itself
Where lives are lived
And I will teach you the way
The way of the world that has long been forgotten
Where the grass is still green
And where people still do nothing
And yet their hearts beat deafeningly

It is my paradise
And it is in my head
I know that the exterior will give away
And I know that youth will again be longed for
But this earth breathes a new life each moment
It is my paradise
And I am willing to share it

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