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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A woman's fight

There was disgust on her face
The dirt around her made her weary
She had grown up with this
And she knew that well
But horizons have broadened now
And she need not be confined
To the absence of affection
"People have lost their core", she said
She smiles even now
For life is quite accommodating
But she feels the hollow inside her
The people of the land have become less interesting
The people of the land have died in her eyes
Their ego is lost
And their art has been squandered away
She wonders why she is weary every evening
Even when she rests in the arms of her companion
And even when she sees the sparkle in her daughter's eyes...
'Tis because she fell out of love
With the place that once was
The jump in her step is missing
She has missed it for many years now
She will go back to the land that welcomed her some years ago
Where people seemed emotional
With friends and lovers
Where living was given priority
Where slavery to society had been abolished
Their hearts were heavier and lighter
Will she be a traitor? Or will she be human?
Time shall tell us...

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