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Sunday, January 10, 2010


No hands to hold
They lay wet
Frowning eyes and burnt black tongues
Shoulders fall as I catch hold
To put you right
To put you right back into your mould
Chisel in hand I stare into your eyes
One crack and the pain begins

No stomach to clasp
My arms are weary
I know you could well rest
Well rest on my chest
But your mind wanders endlessly
Gnawing at things that are dreamy
Well out of reach of all that I offer
Knowing too well that this is for you
This is it

No pillow suits my head now
Dents in the soft
And dense is my skull
The promised land is a dream
All shall be torn
As I will believe one day
In the power of the mundane
Jiving to the lights
Swinging to the hearts

No tear stays back now
Crevices through my skin
Blithe to all else
Rosy skies wipe the water
As I gaze into those eyes
Those eyes belong to an uncertain time
As I clasp my hands
And I wait for approval
From some being I hold divine
From someone who is me

No regrets to the wars fought
Fingers across that skin
Impulses drawn to me
Emotions numbed
As I lay in the snow
And watch the birds fly by
A soft chirp
And I close my eyes
And tell myself
It is but a phase
Of visions gone dry
Of new palletes and strong moves
Light heart and brilliant shine
Bright lights

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